Posted: May 3, 2009 in Catch me on the the road

colombiaAfter almost two years gap, I decided to start blogging again by writing about my trip to Colombia. Since my last blog, I traveled to lots of wonderful inspiring places and I missed the chance to write it down and share the experiences with prospective explorers and my friends. So hopefully this time I can catch the detail of the trip. My first tip is to NOT talk about your trip to Colombia with your family (specially your mom), since their mind immediately go back to the days of Pablo Escobar or Guerilla forces. I’m going with my sister and the plan is to go to Bogota first and stay there for one day. The next destination will be three days at Cartagena and from there; we will join my Colombian friend at Santa Marta. Usually when I travel somewhere for the first time, I have pre-trip illusion about the cities that I’m about to visit. From imaging Utopia to dim city, almost all of my pre thoughts ended up incorrect. There were places that my pre-imagination went as far as an escape to paradise and I ended up dealing with bunch of sneaky locals and coming back with huge mosquito bites all over my body, in contrast there were cities that I just went because a friend asked for my company, and my eyes rolled around when I was saying yes, and they ended up the best trips of my life. I haven’t studied much about Colombia, since I wanted to be more impulsive. But what I heard so far is that Bogotá doesn’t sweep you off your feet at first glance. But take some time to wander its historical areas, dine in its cafés, and you’ll find it offers much more. At the other hand, Cartagena, “A fairytale city of romance”, is an addictive place that can be hard to escape. Based on these talks my pre-trip imagination of Colombia is… I confess that going to Bogota scare me a little bit. So I have a feeling that Bogotá will be dark, rainy, crowded and not very clean (not to mention my concern about the security). About Cartagena.. at this moment, my expectations are very high. In my cloudy mind Cartagena is equal to beautiful colors, salsa beats and stunning buildings. I’m specially looking forward to Volcano-dipping at Volcan de lodo El Totumo, Parque Nacional Tayronaa and its shaded park’s beaches, and Taganga’s beach and its open-air restaurants. I’m going right now to catch the plane and continue writing from COLOMBIA!


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