Posted: October 25, 2009 in Catch me on the the road
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First night, we stayed at Hotel La Fontana Estelar. The hotel was nice, but the neighborhood wasn’t. We arranged a shuttle to pick us up from the airport, and later on we found out it was a bad idea since they charged us almost three times more than a regular taxi, but at that time we didn’t care since we were concerned only about the safety. As soon as we checked in we followed one of our friend’s recommendations and straight went to Andres Carne de Res. It was a party restaurant located in Chia in the far north of the city. The taxi rate is around 30.000 COP to get there. And obliviously we paid twice for going there, and 4 times more coming back. I don’t recommend going to South America or Central America for vacation, if you don’t know any Spanish. The place was very cheerful, with fancy drinks and loud music. It was a must see place in Bogota. The south amrican ambiance will hit you as soon as you walked in. The place put mostly Salsa music, some pop Colombian hits and also lots of 80’s dance music. Some songs reminded me of Cat Club’s Thursday nights in San Francisco. One thing about Bogota that bothered me was the pollution. It was extremely polluted specially around our hotel. In our second day, we check out Museo Del Oro and around it, and headed to Cartagena in afternoon. Bogota didn’t impress me at all at the first time, but I changed my mind on the way back when we stayed in Hotel La Boheme. At the last night of our trip we chose La Boheme to stay which was located in the Zona Rosa. It was in the high end neighborhood with neat restaurants, coffee shops, and fancy boutiques. We felt very safe over there, so walked around the neighborhood until around midnight. This neighborhood was more European like and doesn’t give you the feel of South America. Except Latin musics that were playing loud everywhere. We didn’t have that much time to stay in Bogota, but I could guess I would like it if I stayed there more.

  1. […] close to the best part of the trip: Taganga and Tayrona park! Most of the guys that we talked at Andres Carne de Res voted Taganga as the best part of the trip. I voted for Tayrona but still agreed with them. Who […]

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