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There was a square that developed, in the 17-th century, as a carriage park for farmers and peasants. The square called Leidsepoort, because it was the end of the main road from Amsterdam to Leiden, which is now, one of the main Amsterdam’s attraction, or “Center of nighttime”.  If you are looking for theatres, lots of cafes and restaurants, cinemas, casino, … Leidseplein will be the place for you to start the night.

I was in Amsterdam, a few years ago, just for two days. I didn’t have that much time to waste, so one of my local friends wrote down the main attractions which I’m going to share here for you. The first thing you should do, as soon as you land there, is to rent a bike, and if you get there early in the morning, like I did, go straight to “The Pancake Bakery”; One of the most famous pancake places in the world.

The Pancake Bakery

This was the list of the “coffee shops”, which were popular when I went there. (Please let me know if there are more now so I can try them next time)

–    De Dampkring

–     Dutch Flowers

–     Tweede Kamer

Night Life

–       Elf-Oosterdokskade

–       Leidseplein Square

–       Melkweg

–       Paradiso

–       Sugar FactoryAmsterdam2

… and more MUST-SEE:

–       Dam Square

–       Rijksmuseum

–       De 9 Straatjes

–       Canals

–      Nieuwmarkt

–       Van Gogh Museum


After losing some luggages during my last trips (especially with UNITED), I’ve learned my lesson; now I have my check lists for different type of getaways.
If you want to pack light and also look great for your weekend getaway, this list can help for any warm destination you have in mind:
– Your Camera with extra battery or charger
– Sunglasses
– Tooth brush, small tube of toothpaste and floss
– A hairbrush (this is my favorite from sephora)
– Deodorant
– Shampoo, conditioner, soap ( this one is good for both washing face and body)sunscreen and SPF lip balm
– A pair of jeans
– One short shorts
– Two tanks/ T-shirts
– A hoodie
– Two bikinis
– A beach wrap
– 4 pairs of underwear, three bras (one strapless, one sports bra and one of your favorites)
– A colorful/floral sundress and one tank dress
– One pair of flip flops, one pair of sneakers and a pair of heels
– Hoop earring
– A funky necklace
– Pain reliever and allergy meds

Oh! I forgot to mention in the beginning… this is a packing list for girls. I think most of the guys don’t need checklist anyway.

A few months ago, through one of my followers in Twitter, I found a website that had all the camping spots around the world. Not just a regular camping, they were “glamorous camping” . I surfed through all of them and find the one in Africa my dream spot: The Tarangire tree tops
There were three places in USA for camping, and the closest one to us was Tree Bones Resort.
Since it’s the calm before the holiday storm, I decided to reserve a yurt for a weekend to experience my first luxury camping.
The tree bone is almost halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. To get there, I chose the most beautiful drive, Highway 1.

For getting to the camp place I need to hike, so I tried my best to pack as light as possible:
Flash light
Warm Jacket
Soft pair of gloves
Green tea bag
Some snacks
Bathing suits
… and of course the spirit of fall

The day I was looking forward to it began, and we were excitedly waiting with a bag full of mangos for Manuel’s driver to give us ride. It appeared, we had another traveler share the trip with us. He was a friend of Manuel who was in a business trip from Australia, very pleasant guy.

Parque Nacional Tayrona was on the jungle covered coast east of Santa Marta. It took around an hour to get to that Majestic Beauty. The admission supposed to be US $9 and no surprise that we had to pay much more because we were not “locals”.

Oh boy! It was totally worth it to come to Colombia just for those coconut palms shading the beaches, awesome wood smell, fogs covering mountain, and a massage bed right in front of the ocean (luxury at a bargain).

The driver showed us to a beach which, as he said, was hidden from Tourists. It was unbelievable. A scene from heaven!! Too bad we couldn’t swim there since two armed guys guarded the place and warned us not even thinking about swimming there. I heard from driver and several tourists that Tayrona was the loveliest yet most dangerous part of Colombia. (I leave the reason to your imagination.)
Riding with a jeep in the bumpy road, wild nature, and forewarning of the driver to leave before dark made me feel inside one of the Indiana Jones movies. I was not into horse ridding but there was an option to rent horses and wander around the jungle. We finally found a beach that we could swim for awhile. With perfect water temperature and an awesome view it was heartbreaking to leave the beach.
At the end, I was glad for leaving the best part for the end.

A million thanks to beautiful Katrizza and nice Manuel.