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A few months ago, through one of my followers in Twitter, I found a website that had all the camping spots around the world. Not just a regular camping, they were “glamorous camping” . I surfed through all of them and find the one in Africa my dream spot: The Tarangire tree tops
There were three places in USA for camping, and the closest one to us was Tree Bones Resort.
Since it’s the calm before the holiday storm, I decided to reserve a yurt for a weekend to experience my first luxury camping.
The tree bone is almost halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. To get there, I chose the most beautiful drive, Highway 1.

For getting to the camp place I need to hike, so I tried my best to pack as light as possible:
Flash light
Warm Jacket
Soft pair of gloves
Green tea bag
Some snacks
Bathing suits
… and of course the spirit of fall