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The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream.”
– Jack Kerouac, On the Road


Today, when I got locked out of my apartment, something interesting happened that inspired me to end my Tree Bones trip memoir.
In our trip to big sure, I forgot to bring a book to read. Typically I take several books with me to vacations, along with sketch book, charcoals, camera and all those other “necessary” items. But that time, I didn’t know how I forgot to take any books. So the first thing I did, when I arrived there, checked out the little Convenience store to see if I could find anything interesting to read. They had several books of Big Sur’s attractions, and among them there was an autobiography; “On the road” by Jack Kerouac. I picked it up went through the pages and loved it. I got back to our yurt, one thing came after another and somehow I forgot about the book. Second day, when I came back to store for the book, it was gone. Apparently they had just one copy and someone bought it. I was like: “one day…. “

Today, I was behind the locked door, waiting for my extra key to arrive, one of my neighbors came and brought a book to me to read while I was waiting. So “on the road” came to me, by itself, at the best time possible.

Tree Bones Resort
Tree bones Resort was very attractive. It was a place to enjoy life. I loved ocean and loved mountain even more. So it was perfect for me. This place could be an inspiring set for an artist or an ideal getaway for outdoor lovers. There were lots of activities around and three days was not enough; Biking, Visiting Hearst Castle, watching sunset from Jacuzzi and lot more.
Except visiting “Hearst Castle” many of our pastimes resembled our childhood games: Playing with woods and jumping from one rock to another at Pfiffer state park, making waffles in the lodge each morning, diving to the pool and biking…

The staffs were so friendly that made me feel like home. They had their own organic garden and entrees were made with ripe product harvested from the garden.

The yurt was facing ocean, and the sun set view with a bottle of wine was just perfect.

Beautiful clean swimming pool with Jacuzzi was perfect after long day hiking.

My favorite part of day was playing back gaming next to fire place after dinner.