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The day I was looking forward to it began, and we were excitedly waiting with a bag full of mangos for Manuel’s driver to give us ride. It appeared, we had another traveler share the trip with us. He was a friend of Manuel who was in a business trip from Australia, very pleasant guy.

Parque Nacional Tayrona was on the jungle covered coast east of Santa Marta. It took around an hour to get to that Majestic Beauty. The admission supposed to be US $9 and no surprise that we had to pay much more because we were not “locals”.

Oh boy! It was totally worth it to come to Colombia just for those coconut palms shading the beaches, awesome wood smell, fogs covering mountain, and a massage bed right in front of the ocean (luxury at a bargain).

The driver showed us to a beach which, as he said, was hidden from Tourists. It was unbelievable. A scene from heaven!! Too bad we couldn’t swim there since two armed guys guarded the place and warned us not even thinking about swimming there. I heard from driver and several tourists that Tayrona was the loveliest yet most dangerous part of Colombia. (I leave the reason to your imagination.)
Riding with a jeep in the bumpy road, wild nature, and forewarning of the driver to leave before dark made me feel inside one of the Indiana Jones movies. I was not into horse ridding but there was an option to rent horses and wander around the jungle. We finally found a beach that we could swim for awhile. With perfect water temperature and an awesome view it was heartbreaking to leave the beach.
At the end, I was glad for leaving the best part for the end.

A million thanks to beautiful Katrizza and nice Manuel.